We have gathered some Super Stars for you
Have a blast with while getting svelte.




Barre, HIIT, Kickboxing, Power Plus, Run Super

Sabrina brings an element of fun to her classes. You may not know exactly what you will get in class as she likes to incorporate many strength and mobility movements by mixing up the equipment or use of the body. She intentionally does this to encourage activating all those muscles and get the biggest bang for your buck while she has you. Sabrina has been coaching and training in Tacoma for the last several years and is looking forward to helping you become the best version of yourself. Don’t let her free spirit and humor distract you from her serious approach to training. She focuses on form to ward off injury and is a wealth of knowledge. Her background in science and art has trained her to approach life with a creative, yet scientific approach.

You can also find her hitting the marathon and ultra circuit, putting on races or traveling with her pace team across the nation. Ask this entrepreneur what else she has up her sleeve!




Barre, HIIT, Kickboxing, Power Plus

Patricia Rubke began teaching in the Tacoma/Puyallup area in 2002. She studied classical ballet for 18 years and decided to continue her physical lifestyle as a kickboxing instructor and circuit trainer for the YMCA 12 years ago. Her love for both cardio and strength recently evolved into teaching at the Studio, combining her ballet education with group exercise. She is an energetic and motivating instructor that will challenge you to your true potential. Her favorite saying is, "if you're tired of starting over, stop giving up!"




Body Pump

Heather has always been a strong believer in health and fitness. She was born and raised in the Tacoma area and studied exercise science at the University of Puget Sound before completing her nursing degree in California. She works as a Registered Nurse at a local hospital and is dedicated to promoting health and wellness. Heather is certified in Les Mills Body Pump and loves the variety and challenge that Body Pump offers. She appreciates the way it has strengthened her and looks forward to helping others gain strength and challenge themselves as well.



HIIT, Barre, Power Plus, Run Super

Karey has been a fitness lover all her life. She has Coached the Run Super program for years and is excited to extend her knowledge into the studio. She loves to teach good form and is known for being extremely encouraging. Karey is a strong runner and athlete ready for you to tackle her classes! She's a mom to 3 and wife to an awesomely supportive husband. Her positive outlook on life carries over into her very encouraging style of teaching. She will help you feel confident and capable!



HIIT, Run Super, Power Plus

Nicole comes to us with energy, energy and more energy. She is a go getter and won’t take no for an answer. Her positivity and willingness to push you will help you have a great experience in any of her classes!



Barre, HIIT, Power Plus

Laura is one of our barre babes. She came to us from another studio in Spokane after dancing for 20 years and has brought her awesome touches to the studio. Currently in PT School at University of Puget Sound, her goal is to help you have correct alignment while exercising so you can arrive at a deeper understanding of biomechanics, anatomy, and posture while getting your barre shakes on. Feel free to ask her for tips to improve your overall wellness and outlook on life.

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Angela comes to us with a background in ballet and has owned her own dance studio. Her goal and passion is to bring her gift of fitness and dance to as many as she can. Please join her as a guest instructor when we are lucky enough to snag her from her busy life!