Offering a variety of boutique style studio classes including Barre, Barre/HIIT, Body Pump, HIIT, Personal Training, Power Plus, Release n Roll, Run Conditioning, Running and Yin Yoga.

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Barre, Body Pump




Aimee Bell has been a Barre instructor since January 2015, but her love of ballet extends back to the age of 4. She danced for 16 years at many prestigious schools, such as Ballet Austin, Canyon Concert Ballet, and Tulsa Ballet; studying under many well known names in ballet world. She originated many roles, including Beauty in David Keener’s “Beauty and the Beast.” After taking a break from dance to finish her Bachelor’s of Science in Microbiology and a Masters in Health Sciences and Public Health, she found her way back to the dance world through Barre classes. She is a military spouse and a mother. She enjoys knitting, curling up with a good book, and working as an advocate for the vulnerable and oppressed through Noonday Collection.


Barre, HIIT, TRX



Dena Long attended the University of California Santa Barbara where she was a Dance major for three years. She then changed directions to become a chiropractor and graduated from The Los Angeles College of Chiropractic with a Bachelor of Science degree and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1994. After practicing for three years in California, she moved to the Pacific Northwest where she has been in practice in the Tacoma area ever since. In 1998 she started taking Pilates to get back in shape after the birth of her daughter and loved it so much she pursued her certification to teach mat classes. Since growing up with a dance back round, fitness has always been a priority and when hearing about the Barre classes at the Pilates Body, she knew it would be right up her alley. Dena has recently completed courses in Beyond Barre and Booty Barre.


Body Pump




Heather has always been a strong believer in health and fitness.  She was born and raised in the Tacoma area and studied exercise science at the  University of Puget Sound before completing her nursing degree in California.  She works as a Registered Nurse at a local hospital and is dedicated to promoting health and wellness.  Heather is certified in Les Mills Body Pump and loves the variety and challenge that Body Pump offers.  She appreciates the way it has strengthened her and looks forward to helping others gain strength and challenge themselves as well.


HIIT, Run Super



Karey has been a fitness lover all her life. She has Coached the Run Super program for years and is excited to extend her knowledge into the studio. She loves to teach good form and is known for being extremely encouraging. Karey is a strong runner and athlete ready for you to tackle her classes! She's a mom to 3 and wife to an awesomely supportive husband. Her positive outlook on life carries over into her very encouraging style of teaching. She will help you feel confident and capable!

KatY B

Body Pump




Katy grew up playing sports and has always been very active. While training for a half marathon in 2014, she began taking Les Mills BodyPump classes as a way to cross train, and quickly fell in love with the high-energy, music-driven class. Originally from the Midwest, she moved to Tacoma in 2016 and became a certified BodyPump instructor.The strength training class features low weights with high amounts of repetitions, and is great for any fitness level! Katy teaches because she loves feeling healthy and strong, and wants everyone to feel the same! She will guide you through training to ensure proper form and technique, and show you how to maximize each movement.


Body Pump

runsuperblacklarge (1).png


Katie graduated from University of Wisconsin La Crosse with a Masters degree in Exercise Science and relocated from Wisconsin to Fort Myers, FL to start my first job working in Cardiac Rehab. After a year in Florida, she realized that she missed the seasons (too much heat and hurricanes for someone from Wisconsin!) and I headed to Nashville, TN to work at Vanderbilt University. It was about a year thereafter that she decided wanted to pursue her second Masters degree in nursing. she graduated from Vanderbilt in 2009 and since then has been working as a Nurse Practitioner. About a year ago, having spent 8 years in Nashville, she wanted to make one more big move. She took a leap of faith and moved across the country to start a new adventure on the West Coast. It has been through all these changes that Body Pump and Les Mills have been a part of her life. She's been a certified Body Pump instructor since 1999, Katie enjoys bringing health and fitness into my life as well as yours. 


Barre, Barre/HIIT, Kettlbell, Kickboxing, 




Patricia Rubke began teaching in the Tacoma/Puyallup area in 2002. She studied classical ballet for 18 years and decided to continue her physical lifestyle as a kickboxing instructor and circuit trainer for the YMCA 11 years ago. Her love for both cardio and strength recently evolved into teaching for Barre253, combining her ballet education with group exercise. She is an energetic and motivating instructor that will challenge you to your true potential. Her favorite saying is, "if you're tired of starting over, stop giving up!"






Reiley has an extensive background in ballet. Her career is in fact the beautiful dance form of ballet. She furthers this love by instructing at the Studio. Reiley's form is exquisite. You can learn how to refine your movements in her classes by watching and emulating her. The art of dance and barre classes takes time so don't get discouraged! Continue your practice and be consistent to see results. The results will come and your mind and body will thank you for your dedication. Everyone can benefit from a barre class as it focuses on lengthening and aligning your body while strengthening and refining both your large and small supporting muscles. 


HIIT, Kickboxing, Kettlebells, Run Super, TRX, Owner of Super Studios 253





Sabrina brings an element to fun to her classes. You may not know exactly what you will get in class as she likes to incorporate many strength and mobility movements by mixing up the equipment or use of the body. She intentionally does this to encourage muscle confusion and get the biggest bang for your buck while she has you. Sabrina has been coaching and training in Tacoma for the last several years and is looking forward to helping you become the best version of yourself. Don’t let her free spirit and humor distract you from her serious approach to training. She focuses on form to ward off injury and is a wealth of knowledge. Her background in science and art has trained her to approach life with a creative, yet scientific approach.

You can also find her hitting the marathon and ultra circuit, putting on races or traveling with her pace team across the nation. Ask this entrepreneur what else she has up her sleeve!


Barre, HIIT, Kettlebells, TRX



Shannon is nationally certified in both AFAA Group Fitness and Les Mills International BodyPump and has been teaching group fitness since 2010. Her classes are high energy, sweat-soaked extravaganzas with lots of positive energy. Shannon has been involved in organized sports and outdoor activities her entire life. She played Division I college softball and continues to play softball at the highest level. Her athletic and coaching background in competitive sports provides her with a broad expertise in working with all types of clients. She has continued to work with a variety of people focussing on strength and conditioning, cycle, and group fitness classes delivering her clients with the most effective and innovative training methods. Shannon has a passion for fitness and the enthusiasm to motivate her students as well as the intensity challenge the most fit athletes.


Barre, Barre/HIIT




Laura is our barre babe. She came to us from another studio in Spokane after dancing for 20 years and has brought her awesome touches to the studio. Currently in PT School at University of Puget Sound, her goal is to help you have correct alignment while exercising so you can arrive at a deeper understanding of biomechanics, anatomy, and posture while getting your barre shakes on. Feel free to ask her for tips to improve your overall wellness and outlook on life. 


Yoga, Run Super, Barre, Kickboxing





Whitney has a background in dance and currently teaches yoga at the studio. She is excited to help you train your mind and body to conquer whatever obstacles or struggles you may have. Whitney will help you focus to stretch and lengthen your muscles while improving your lung capacity. The practice of yoga helps you focus and gain mental and physical strength. She is excited to teach barre in the near future!






Alex began teaching barre in April of 2016 because she loved dancing while growing up. She wanted to be a part of an exercise form that incorporates the musicality and technicality of dance and found Barre! She also loves to build relationships and stay active in the community, which is part of why she loves teaching barre. Outside of teaching and work, Alex enjoys going to the beach and attending baseball games. She attended Boise State and has fond memories of walking the beautiful trail along the Boise River. Let her know if you hear any new hip hop songs or heart-lifting RomCom movies, she loves both! Meet her at the barre at Super Studios 253!


Barre, Release n Roll




Dejia is passionate about fitness in many forms, whether it's barre, yoga, dancing or weightlifting. She's a firm believer that barre is best served with a side of booty shaking, excellent tunes and bad jokes! Her funky and fun barre classes feature a kick butt workout that will also have you dancing and having a great time within minutes. On the flip side of the coin, she's devoted to taking the time for self-care and slowing down. She specializes in yin yoga along with myofascial release using Yoga Tune Up© balls to deeply focus in on the areas of the body that need time and loving care to release and restore us to our best selves. The Release n Roll class will help you release tension, mobilize and rejuvenate stiff joints, help eradicate pain, improve posture and calm the nervous system. Come and discover just how good you can feel after  her classes at Super Studios 253!







Justine spent the first portion of life in Kazakhstan, where she was introduced to soccer, volleyball and a hint of Musical Theatre. This led her to pursue a career in the Arts. She has six years of formal dance training in ballet, tap, jazz and modern, and was drawn to barre as it was a culmination of her love for fitness and dance. After moving to the Pacific Northwest from NYC, she completed the Müv Barre training program and is excited to share her passion for barre with the Tacoma area!


Strength, Personal Training, Barre, TRX, HIIT, Stretch, Kettlebells




Sarah is a NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She's worked as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at UCLA for four years where she taught everything from dance fitness to injury rehabilitation to Olympic weightlifting. As a student in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at University of Puget Sound, she is passionate about injury prevention and can help you find safe ways to work out!