Find Your Super

Maybe you are looking to change gyms.
Maybe you are looking to start working out.
Maybe you have injuries.
Maybe you realize you need a variety and awesome instructors.

This Studio offers a variety of classes so that you can become your the best version of yourself. Classes are small and feel more like personal training.
You MUST move your body in all ways. We offer a well rounded, wholesome approach to fitness.
FITNESS IS A LIFESTYLE. This is the place to gain strength, mobility and cardiovascular endurance in a safe and encouraging environment. We want you to enter our doors and feel this is your second home. The studio is where you feel SUPER no matter your walk of life or current fitness level.
Variety is the key to success and injury prevention.


In this studio we have seen pounds dropped, muscles strengthened, friendships made and confidence built. Outside the studio you can take the newfound super strength into all other aspects of your life. What's a deadline compared to a minute of jump squats? You get where we're going! Each and every one of you has the opportunity to walk in the door, get your sweat on, and exit feeling a lot more SUPER!

Our instructors are fabulous at modifying, so PLEASE if you are nervous about something new or know of anyone coming to try us out let the instructor know so that we can provide best possible experience. We feel so confident in ourselves that we will continue to offer "FIRST CLASS IS FREE" for our local folks.

We challenge you to try something new to stretch yourself into a new level of comfort!

Thanks for checking us out and we look forward to seeing you at the Studio!

-Sabrina and the Super Crew