The Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon is a trail marathon with limited access to roads along the course. You may want to carry a small water bottle, particularly if the weather is warm. We suggest you carry a cell phone.

Any runner receiving support from non-official staff will be disqualified due to USATF rules. For example, a friend on a bike handing out water or gels.

There are ten aid stations along the course, situated at roughly 2.5 mile intervals. Water and electrolyte beverages are provided at all aid stations and gels at the designated aid stations. Wastebaskets are provided at and shortly after each aid station for cups and other litter.  First aid supplies, provided at some of the aid stations, include Vaseline, Band aids, salt caps, sun screen and bug spray.

Aid station details:

Mile Name Staffed Supplies

2.6 Tunnel Exit: Water, Gatorade, drop bags.

5.3 Humpback: Water, Gatorade, First aid

8.0 Bandera: Water, Gatorade, GU, First aid

10.7 Rock Creek: Water, Gatorade

13.4 Garcia: Water, Gatorade, GU

16.4 Twin Falls: Water, Gatorade, GU

18.8 Cedar Butte: Water, Gatorade, First aid

21.2 Rattlesnake: Water, Gatorade, GU

22.8 Edgwick 1: Water, Gatorade, GU, First aid

24.5 Edgwick 2: Water, Gatorade, GU, First aid

In addition to the aid stations, several course marshals will be riding bicycles on the course during the run. Course marshals will be carrying minor first aid supplies as well as a few extra GU and will have cell phones to call for help should you need it. EMT will be on the course at all times with the ability to call for assistance or emergency evacuation from any point on the trail if needed.

There are porta-potties and restrooms at the start and porta-potties at the finish. Along the course there are restrooms at miles 3, 8.7, 11.6 and at mile 21.2.

We'll provide fluids and better-than-average race food at the finish.

All finishers receive custom-designed medals. The overall female and male winner will receive a plaque.