Gaitors - You may want running gaitors to keep gravel out of your shoes.

Flashlight - It is recommended to carry a small flashlight or headlamp. We'll give you a drop bag to leave at the end of the tunnel so you don't have to carry your light the rest of the way.

Don't go barefoot - While you may be a fan of barefoot running, this might not be the course for minimalist shoes. If you do plan to use lightweight shoes, make sure you've trained in them on gravel roads.

Downhill training - Add some downhill running to your training. Long gentle downhill at a brisk pace would be best but any runnable downhill grade will work. Do repeats if your hills are short. Your quads will thank you.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray - We'll have these at the start and at a few aid stations. You'll get some sun in the middle half of the course and at the finish but overall the course is mostly shaded.

Start Early if you need more than 6 or 7 hours to complete the race. The course closes at 2:30PM so starting at 7AM gives slower runners and walkers 7 1/2 hours to finish. Runners who expect to finish in under 5 hours should start at the regular time since since a minimum official finishing time of 5:00:00 will assigned to early starters who come in under 5 hours.

Race day is typically cloudy and 45F at the start and partly sunny warming to the mid 60's at the finish. Highs could reach the low 80's but on the other hand, steady cold rain is also a possibility. We'll provide an updated forecast as race day approaches and all runners should take the weather into account. Out on the course, you could be a long walk from shelter. Temperature in the tunnel is a constant 50F or so with dripping water in places and even a little fog at times. Though there are sunny sections on the rest of the course, this time of year much of it is in the shade and air temperatures seem to stay cooler than the thermometer might indicate. The last 6 miles are mostly through shady forest which helps if the weather is warm.