8:00AM Regular Start
7:00 Early Start-per USATF rules anyone starting early and finishing under 5:00 hours will automatically get a 5:00 finish time

There is no pre-race Expo. Runner check-in is at the start.  Bibs will be assigned at the start, please confirm your information and make any necessary corrections. Please park at the finish and catch one of the free buses to the start. The parks have requested no runner parking at the start line and we will not offer a shuttle back to the start. Conditions at the start will be cool and possibly wet, so bring extra clothing to keep warm. At check-in you'll receive two drop bags. One large drop bag is for you to leave at the start with your warm clothing, which will be brought to the finish line and organized by bib number. The other small drop bag is to be carried through the tunnel and left at the aid station with your light source and any additional clothing you want to leave behind.

A $10 Discover Pass parking permit is required and may be purchased at the parking area at the start if a runner is being dropped off. Note that the Discover Pass requirement is enforced; cars without Discover Passes at the start will get ticketed.

It is against USATF rules that non-race officials can give aid to a runner. Any runner doing so will be disqualified.

Buses are for runners only.

There is NO PARKING at the finish line. PLEASE DO NOT cross the road to the finish line. You may park at the TEREX area and shuttle over. We have been re

race day schedule:

5:00AM Parking area opens at Terex, across from Twin Falls Middle School << ADDRESS LINK

5:30AM Bus for early starters leaves parking area

5:40-6:40AM Buses for regular starters leave parking area

6:00-6:45AM Early starters check in and prepare to run

6:30-7:15AM Regular starters check in and prepare to run

7:00AM Early start

8:00AM Regular start

10:30AM Finish area opens

10:45AM-2:30PM Buses shuttle runners back to parking areas

11:00AM Garcia (13 mile) aid station closes

11:45AM Twin Falls (16 mile) aid station closes

1:15PM Rattlesnake (21 mile) aid station closes

2:30PM Official timing closes. Finish area takedown begins.

Last runner in Skeleton finish area crew wraps up.