Studio Policies

Early Cancellations— Cancellations done 24 hours before the class is scheduled will not result in a fee.

Late Cancellations—Cancellations done within 24 hours of the class or a “no show” will result in a $10 fee taken from your account or billed to you if there was a wait list for class. Please respect that class sizes are limited.

Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive exercise clothing. Try to avoid bulky garments. The ability to see your  body movement is important to obtain maximum benefit from the exercises. Shoes are not permitted in some classes at the studio. You will want to wear socks with full toes during those classes. Shoes are permitted during Body Pump, TRX and Row class.

Fee Structure
To secure your appointment, a credit card number is required at the time of the booking. Classes may be purchased individually, as a monthly unlimited package or as punch cards. Packages are time limited based on the date of your first visit. If your account has been inactive for 3 months, it will automatically expire. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

All sessions are booked by appointment and are automatically billed to your account. We provide a number of payment options for your convenience: cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and debit cards. Our unlimited studio memberships are done with an auto-billing system per month. To end your membership a 30 day written notice is required.

Cancellation Policy
You may early cancel a class with no charge unless the class is full, then there is a $10 fee charged to your account.

Please be on time for your session.
Please stay at home if you are contagious.
Please turn off your cell phone.
Please do not wear perfume to your session.

Punch Card Expiration
All series cards and special offers expire 3 months from purchase date.

Cancellation of Membership
Contents of contract.

A contract for health studio services shall include all of the following:

(1) The name and address of the health studio facilities operator;

(2) The date the buyer signed the contract;

(3) A description of the health studio services and general equipment to be provided, or acknowledgment in a conspicuous form that the buyer has received a written description of the health studio services and equipment to be provided. If any of the health studio services or equipment are to be delivered at a planned facility, at a facility under construction, or through substantial improvements to an existing facility, the description shall include a date for completion of the facility, construction, or improvement. Health studio services must begin within twelve months from the date the contract is signed unless the completion of the facility, construction, or improvement is delayed due to war, or fire, flood, or other natural disaster;

(4) A statement of the duration of the contract. No contract for health studio services may require payments or financing by the buyer over a period in excess of thirty-six months from the date of the contract, nor may any contract term be measured by or be for the life of the buyer;

(5) The use fees or dues to be paid by the buyer and if such fees are subject to periodic adjustment. Use fees or dues may not be raised more than once in any calendar year;

(6) A complete statement of the rules of the health studio or an acknowledgment in a conspicuous form that the buyer has received a copy of the rules;

(7) Clauses which notify the buyer of the right to cancel:

(a) If the buyer dies or becomes totally disabled. The contract may require that the disability be confirmed by an examination of a physician agreeable to the buyer and the health studio;

(b)(i) Subject to (b)(ii) of this subsection, if the buyer moves his or her permanent residence to a location more than twenty-five miles from the health studio or an affiliated health studio offering the same or similar services and facilities at no additional expense to the buyer and the buyer cancels after one year from signing the contract if the contract extends for more than one year. The health studio may require reasonable evidence of relocation;

(ii) If at the time of signing the contract requiring payment of an initiation or membership fee the buyer lived more than twenty-five miles from the health studio, the buyer may cancel under (7)(b)(i) of this section only if the buyer moves an additional five miles or more from the health studio.

(c) If a contract extends for more than one year, the buyer may cancel the contract for any reason upon thirty days' written notice to the health studio;

(d) If the health studio facilities are permanently closed and comparable facilities owned and operated by the seller are not made available within a ten-mile radius of the closed facility;

(e) If a facility, construction, or improvement is not completed by the date represented by the contract;

(f) If the contract for health studio services was sold prior to the opening of the facility, the buyer may cancel within the first five business days the facility opens for use of the buyer and the health studio begins to provide the agreed upon health studio services;

(8) Clauses explaining the buyer's right to a refund and relief from future payment obligations after cancellation of the contract;

(9) A provision under a conspicuous caption in capital letters and boldface type stating substantially the following:


If you wish to cancel this contract without penalty, you may cancel it by delivering or mailing a written notice to the health studio. The notice must say that you do not wish to be bound by the contract and must be delivered or mailed before midnight of the third business day after you sign this contract. The notice must be mailed to Super Studios 253 / 915 Pacific Ave Tacoma WA 98402. If you cancel within the three days, the health studio will return to you within thirty days all amounts you have paid."